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New Western Logistics Transportation services

New Western Carrier (NWC) has been working closely with clients by providing efficient and economical transportation services which are safe, on-time and professionally managed, committing to provide the best services at all time.


Prior to working with Visionary Services, NWC had a website that looked a bit poorly designed with inappropriate content and information at places. The images were very vague and the information a viewer was seeking was sometimes hard to find. In any website it is very important to showcase the company’s vision, USPs, services and its standards along with a better design in order to make it better in terms of presentability as well as accessibility.


Our main focus was to redesign the website to represent the organization and the values they stand strong on. In addition to that, the website should also allow potential clients to browse the range of services quickly and easily schedule a call with their backend team for further assistance. A stagnant call to action for TRACKING AND WHATSAPP was also made available on the website for the clients to easily access the link and get in touch with the backend team hassle-free.


The website was modified and made live for the crowd to have received many praises from NWC team and their clients who found it to be more user-friendly and easier to navigate. A sophisticated modern design makes the website well presentable and helps in growing and expanding the marketing efforts. The website was also made keeping in consideration the keyword research with proper content optimization in order to make it easily discoverable on the web and help reach a wider target audience.

Our optimization and research helped to reduce the BOUNCE RATE of the website by 15-20% (Bounce rate : Visiting a single page on the website and doing nothing on the page before leaving)