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One of the most impactful mobile app development questions to know who you are making the app for. Before you start with anything, you have to know who are the end users of your app.
A comprehensive study of the app user demographics is what you need to know who is the app for. Focus your study on finding out about your end user's age, buying habits, the locality they belong to, the challenges they face, the time they spend on their devices, their preferences in terms of security, amongst other things.

Competition holds a very important place in not just the app development process but also in deciding the future of an application and as a result in our list of mobile app development FAQs. The first step in the competitive analysis is to know if there are similar apps in the app stores like yours.
Gaining this information will help you get answers to not just the questions related to what all your app should have but will also give you insights on what is working for your competitors and what isn’t.

Another one of the realistic mobile app development questions is the time it would take to develop an app. Depending on the complexity of the application, you should at least have a rough idea of how much time you should expect the app to be developed in.
While it usually takes somewhere around 6 to 7 months to finish the app development process straight from ideation to launch, some technical apps can even take up to a year or even more. You don’t always have to wait that long for your development process to end.

Like Time, Cost is another factor that depends entirely on the number of features you are planning to have in your mobile app. Getting a quote on the price range from different app development agencies will help you form and fix a budget. To make it easier for you to estimate the cost, we have created a guide titled – How much does mobile app development costs, which would help get you a range that you must keep aside.
Meanwhile, here are the factors that compose the complete cost of the project –

  • Designing
  • Coding
  • Development
  • Testing
  • App Integration with existing systems

What should be my update plan is another one of those mobile application development questions and answers that have no standard answer to it.
The frequency of app updation depends entirely on – what new technology or feature your industry/ competitor have come up with and on the issues that you are reading in your app’s reviews section.

In the time when our mobile world is full of cases related to app data breaches and their security risks, it is imperative that your app is secure from all directions to prevent a future that is full of risks and lawsuits. And you have the answers to all your mobile application testing questions.
Securing your app is the responsibility of your mobile app development agency. All you can do is emphasize on a stringent mobile app security feature within your app. As for us, Security holds a prime stand in the Mobile App Quality Assurance process that we follow within our apps.

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